Actress Ashley M. Kalfas



Height: 5'11   Weight: 200   Hair: Dark Blonde   Eyes: Blue   Voice: Alto/Mezzo Soprano 


British, Cockney, Irish, Southern, And Russian

Performer skills: 

10+ years Dramatic and Musical Theatre experience, 7 years Voice-overs experience, Stage combat, Swimming, Costuming/wardrobe, Improvisation, Stunt training, Bicycle riding, Licensed Driver

Teacher         Davier Harris        Colorado Film School

Nurse             Nathan Pratt         4th Kind Entertainment

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich:
Bar Patron     Sonny Laguna       Cinestate

Earth-Link: Origins( Series): 
Lt. Commander Rose Sharpe     Chris Kroznuski       Burning Earth Productions 

Anakin in America
Twi’lek        J. Giordano      Flipped Lid Films

The Mortician’s Assistant
Daughter      Mia Fernandez      Denver School for the Arts

The Warning
Jamie       Dirk Hagen        Happy Day Productions

A Tale of Two Sillies:
Nerd Girl        Brandon Esten        E Tenebris Entertainment

The Evocation Of Shinigami:
Shinigami        Rodney Wess        R.W.Films

The Lone Ranger:
Parasol Lady        Gore Verbinski        Silver Bullet Productions


A 9th Life:

Administrative Assistant       Pamela Preston     Phoenix Fire Entertainment


Star Trek: The Romulan Wars (Series):

Ensign Ann Chambers        Lee Gartrell      Millennium Effects LLC


Great Gain:

Bus Rider     Jeff Paterson      Perception Films



Don't Be A Victim/What If? (4episodes):

Various     Jason Van Vleet       HDTV Media/ SpikeTV


Alyse In Wonderland: Steampunked

Tall Alyse      Nancy Holiday      Black Box Theatre

Scrooge’s Christmas

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to come       Daniel S. Robbins       Black Box Theatre

Galaxy War 3012:

Prime Minister Krasapan       Valerie Santini      Off Broadmoor Theatre


Our Town:

Choris Member        Murray Ross      UCCS/TheatreWorks


The Adventures of Robinson Caruso:

Saturday        Laura Clapp&Emily Therrien     Missoula Children's Theatre


Off Beat Broadway:

Ensemble     Sean Briggs       Damon Runyon Theatre


Sherlock Holms Meets the 3 Musketeers:

Tumbleweed       Sean Briggs       Damon Runyon Theatre


The Sound Of Music:

Singing Nun       Joan Funke       Forestgate Church


The Crucible:

Marcy Lewis       Simone Perry-Kerr      Ellicott Drama



Ensemble    Betsy McClenahan    Attitudes Repertory Theatre


The Music Man:

Ensemble       Betsy McClenahan    Attitudes Repertory Theatre

Alice In Wonderland:

The Queen of Hearts       Jill Cecil     Attitudes Children's Theatre 


Oliver---------------------------------------Wig Assistant----------------------Signature productions

Galaxy War 3012--------------------------Props/sets/tech crew--------------Off Broadmoor Theatre

I Only Have Fangs For You--------------Props--------------------------------Miami-Yoder Drama

The Holy Grail-----------------------------Props--------------------------------Miami-Yoder Forensics

Rapunzel-----------------------------------Props--------------------------------Miami-Yoder Forensics

The Crucible------------------------------Various------------------------------Ellicott Drama

The Secret Garden-----------------------Stage/tech crew--------------------Attitudes Repertory Theatre 

Oliver!-------------------------------------Sets & Props-----------------------Attitudes Repertory Theatre

The Music Man--------------------------Tech Crew & Sets------------------Attitudes Repertory Theatre

The Sleeping Beauty--------------------Costumes----------------------------Attitudes Ballet Theatre 

The Snow Queen------------------------Sets-----------------------------------Attitudes Children's Theatre

 Nutcracker-------------------------------Costumes----------------------------Attitudes Ballet Theatre 




A Remarkable Life---------------------wardrobe-----------------------------Gymnopedia Films

A 9th Life--------------------------------Production Asst.--------------------Phoenix Fire Entartainment

A Modern Pride And Prejudice-------Project Asst.-------------------------Papercut Productions

Don't Be A Victim/What If?----------Production Asst.---------------------HDTV Media/SpikeTV

Don't Be A Victim/What If?----------Casting Asst.-------------------------HDTV Media/SpikeTV

Don't Be A Victim/What If?----------Set Designer-------------------------HDTV Media/SpikeTV

Don't Be A Victim/What If?----------Production Crew--------------------HDTV Media/SpkeTV

Mark'd -----------------------------------Production Crew-------------------ASP Films

Alztimers/dementia documentary----Art PA and Crew--------------------IMS Productions

The Mountian Spring-------------------Camera & Tech---------------------Papercut Productions

Our Wars---------------------------------Director & Camera-----------------Lone Jedi Productions